Steps to Take After Your Home has Sustained Fire Damage

By Scott Clemente

A disaster that does not discriminate, fire will happen no matter where you are living or the condition or age of your home. There is always a chance that a fire and fire damage could occur at any given time, for various reasons. A majority of homeowners realize this, and it is likely the most common nightmare for anyone buying a home. When a fire does happen, however, not many are prepared for the consequences.

After a Fire, Who Should You Contact?
You need to contact your lender if you have a mortgage on your home. You should also speak with your local utility company, post office, and credit card companies or any other lending institutions. When it comes to times of tragedy, agencies and companies are many times willing to work with you as long as you keep honest and open communication with them. You might even be able to have some payments deferred or lowered until you can get back on your feet. If you’ve lost medications that are essential in the fire, make sure to speak with your doctor as soon as you can. If you have children, talk to their schools.

Even if you can go back to your home once it has been inspected and cleaned, it is likely your home will be unoccupied for days, weeks or months, even. Speak with your local police department to let them know your home will be vacant for a time.
You could also need to replace vital documents which you lost in the fire.

You should do this soon, and these could include:
● Your social security card
● Your passport
● Your driver’s license
● Birth, death or marriage certificates
● Any cash that has been damaged
● Military Records
● Savings bonds
● School records
● Tax records
● Vehicle registration or title

You should also review into the possibility of getting help from some kind of disaster relief, such as the Red Cross, in your area. These agencies could maybe give you temporary shelter, water, food, medication, and other vital items.

What Will a Thorough Inspection of Your Home Involve?
You could need several professionals and specialists to do a full investigation of your home, which could include a structural engineer, a plumber, and a professional restoration company.
Things that should be evaluated include:
● Air quality
● Pipes and other plumbing
● Windows and frames
● Iron and steel structures
● Fans and lighting fixtures
● Electrical switches, wires, and circuits
● Stucco, siding, and concrete
● Interior walls
● Wooden and tile floor heating systems
● Furnaces, pumps or water heaters
● Door frames and doors
● Any area which has been damaged by the smoke, fire, moisture or heat
● Any area susceptible to mold

Be sure to keep open communication open with your insurance agent during each stage of the inspection. They can send you an adjuster to your home to evaluate the damage, but they won’t be able to perform the inspection which takes into account all of the above-listed areas. You’ll need additional inspection by licensed professionals whether you have to pay for it or your insurance covers it, but it is definitely in your best interest to get it done.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company
Fires can cause significant damage to your property. Obtaining a professional fire damage restoration company is the best course of action. They have the equipment and technology to restore your home back to new.

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